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Career Consultancy

Are you at a crossroads in your career? Struggling to move forward or looking for a change of direction?

There are many different reasons for wanting to make changes in your career but, whatever the reason, getting support from a skilled, independent Career Coach really can make the difference.

Whether you are looking to get promoted, improve your leadership skills, increase your confidence, going through redundancy, or wanting a change in direction, we at Ruth Bradshaw Career Coaching understand how important your next career move is.

We specialise in Career Coaching and Transition, Executive Coaching, Outplacement, Cultural Integration and Personal Impact.

We offer you a unique space to identify ideal and realistic work and training opportunities matched to your values and motivators, skills, interests and experience. We support you to identify and achieve the goals that you want to reach whether that be making a career change or improving the situation in your current role.

We also work with companies offering Outplacement services to support employees through the transition to new jobs and re-orientation to the job market.

If you are a client from overseas, we know that you face diverse and sometimes unexpected challenges when beginning or looking for a new job in the UK. Through our coaching, you can begin to address your hopes, fears and questions and adapt your style to your new environment, learning how to cope with the challenges of expatriation.

We know that the better you look and feel on the outside, the more confident you will be in any interview or networking situation. Our Personal Impact service will help you to achieve the impact that you desire.
So why not take that first step today. Contact us at Ruth Bradshaw Career Coaching and take control of your future. It will be the best investment you will ever make!

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